Welcome to my Rhetoric and Composition portfolio. I originally assembled this portfolio as the culminating experience for the rhetoric and composition component of my master’s degree in English at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. I have now made my portfolio public at Dr. Edlund’s request to demonstrate one approach to fulfilling the portfolio option.

Notes about navigation:

The main components of my portfolio are listed in the menu above. I have also included a blog component which was not a required element, but which I decided to include as an optional means of documenting my achievement and thinking about rhetoric and composition. I have linked to each blog post (if you would like to read them) in my reflective essay.

My original papers are preceded by an introduction detailing the revisions I would make to them. The original papers are presented as Scribd documents, which may be on the small size. If you would like to read them full-screen, click the icon at the bottom right. To return to my portfolio after reading the paper, simply click the back arrow.

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